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We are currently soliciting sponsors for the 2024 Hackathon. If you or your department, organization, or company would like to serve as a sponsor for the hackathon and help advance reproducible communication research, please email the pre-conference organizers at

Why Should I Sponsor?

Hackathons have proven to be immensely valuable tools for creating change in a wide variety of disciplines, including computer science, geology, psychology, and neuroscience. We believe that a hackathon will be similarly beneficial for advancing communication science. Additional sponsorship will provide the organizing team with needed resources to more effectively plan and implement the hackathon. These include including acquiring event space, creating scholarships / fee reductions for attendees, and providing meals and refreshments during the hackathon.

As a “thank you” for sponsorship, we will be sure that your department, organization, or company will be featured both before and during the hackathon (website, opening presentation, etc). If you would like to discuss the potential of more substantial sponsorship, please see our sponsorship tiers.

Sponsors of our hackathons (2020-2024)

This pre-conference is made possible thanks in part to generous sponsorship from the following organizations: